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Eyelid Surgery New York City

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty/Eyelidplasty)


The eyes, as the ‘window to the soul’, are able to express feelings and emotions.

Unfortunately, wrinkles and deep lines as well as puffiness [protruding fat] under the lids develop as you age which can radically change the facial expression and give a fixed look of fatigue, anger or sadness. Sun exposure as well as familial factors contribute to the aging process and can add years to someone’s true age. Excess relaxation of the upper lids can cause eye fatigue and strain and rarely cause visual field impairment. Upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery are independent procedures but usually done together depending on the findings and what specific improvement the patient is seeking. Not uncommonly, it is often done in conjunction with other procedures such as brow lift, facelift, neck tightening and facial fat injections.


The goal of eyelid surgery to improve, soften and revitalize the eyes by removing the lower lid ‘bags’ that give a fatigued and heavy look, and remove excess skin and tissue from the upper lids to increase the appearance of alertness, bringing a more youthful countenance to the face.


Though the goals are the same for men and the procedure done in a similar fashion, it is most important not to feminize the eyes. This requires special attention to the anatomy which may give a more feminine or masculine look. Furthermore, because makeup is not an option for men, incisions and scars are modified to be sure that they a imperceptible.

Before Surgery

Your medical history will be evaluated in order to determine your overall health followed by a physical examination. If you are a candidate, Dr. Simone will discuss how the surgery is performed and what you can reasonable expect from surgery with the objective of creating a natural appearance that is pleasing to you. He will also review associated risks and complications at the time of consultation.

Photographs are taken of the operative area. You will be sent a list of detailed preoperative instructions including pre-op testing requirements. Medications such as antibiotics and/or analgesics may also be prescribed.


Dr. Simone performs eyelid surgery at his Park Plastic Surgery Center using local ‘twilight’ anesthesia, while you are fully monitored and managed by an anesthesiologist. After a 2 hour recovery, you will be discharged. Incisions are made beneath the lash line or inside the eye so that the fat pad causing the ‘bag’ can be removed. The skin is tightened to reduce wrinkling and the incisions closed. The upper eyelid has an incision in the natural fold. Excess, redundant skin [as well as fat and sagging muscle] are removed and the incisions closed. Scars are well disguised and usually fade and heal extremely well. As stated earlier, other facial cosmetic procedures may be done in conjunction with eyelidplasty.

After Surgery

  • Discoloration and swelling will be present for 7-10 days
  • Cold compresses are applied continuously for the first 24 hours after surgery and then for ½ hour 4 times per day
  • Sutures will be removed in approximately 5 days
  • An inclusive written list of specific post-op instructions will be given to you upon discharge

Eyelidplasty extremely safe, rarely given to complications. There may be a significant amount of discoloration because the eyelid skin is thin and delicate, but infection and hematomas are rare occurrences. As in most areas of the head and neck, the scars usually heal so well they are imperceptible though occasionally may be more obvious. Dr. Simone will review potential risks and complications, however uncommon they are. With healing, the results reveal a smooth, better-defined eyelid and surrounding region, and an alert and rejuvenated appearance.

Before – Upper lid heaviness and lower bags

Location Incision lower lid

Outline of Incision upper lid

After Surgery

After Surgery
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N.B. New York, NY
“ Dr. Simone made me feel very comfortable during my consultation. He was thorough and patient and explained my procedure very clearly. He and his staff really helped reduce my nervousness. My surgery went very well and I am extremely pleased with my results as is my husband. When I couldn’t come in for a post-operative visit during the week, he came in especially for me on the weekend. I would do it all over again. ”

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