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Hyaluronic Acid Fillers


These are all tissue ‘fillers’ that contain a form of Hyaluronic Acid [HA] which is a natural hydrophilic [water loving/holding] substance found in our bodies that keeps our tissues moist and “95%” water. These fillers are made of a clear gel that is naturally degraded by the body and will last from 6-12 months, averaging 8 months, though they have been known to last longer, in many patients 12-14 months. Generally speaking, with repeat use, the intervals between treatments get longer and with better results. This may be a result of some natural build up of collagen where they are injected. Treatments take 20-30 minutes with topical or local anesthesia. HA’s improve contours, reduce shadows and equalize the planes of tissues so that structures are smooth, more contiguous and therefore more youthful.

These substances are most commonly used as follows:

  • Soften the depressions of the naso-labial folds (creases along side of nose down toward corner of mouth)
  • Soften the marionette lines (corner of mouth down to jaw)
  • Fill lines of the upper and lower lips
  • Enlargement and/or reshaping lips (which commonly thin with age
  • Define the lips by highlighting the white roll
  • Fill out the frown lines
  • Strengthen the jaw line and reduce the jowls
  • Soften and reduce the look of under eye “bags” or dark shadows
  • Highlight the cheek bones
  • Fill out depressions from scars etc.
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N.B. New York, NY
“ Dr. Simone made me feel very comfortable during my consultation. He was thorough and patient and explained my procedure very clearly. He and his staff really helped reduce my nervousness. My surgery went very well and I am extremely pleased with my results as is my husband. When I couldn’t come in for a post-operative visit during the week, he came in especially for me on the weekend. I would do it all over again. ”

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